About Al Yasmine Publishing and Distribution

About Al Yasmine Publishing and Distribution

Al Yasmine Publishing House is a multi-award-wining publishing house, focusing on publishing children-parent friendly books from ages 0-16.

Al Yasmine Publishing House was established to spread aesthetic, cultural, and educational values amongst all generations. These values were implemented constantly by the Publishing House which resulted in it being one of the most reputable and trusted institutions in this field.

The founder, Abeer Al Taher had a mission of conducting a style that reaches persons from all ages being kids, and youth ages between (2-16) years old, with the ultimate goal of making reading a part of their lifestyle.

Latest releases from Al Yasmine

From One to Ten

USD 7.00
“From One to Ten” is an interactive book with colorful illustrations and fun phrases, encouraging children to count by themselves

Don’t Let Judy Go Out Without a Coat

USD 10.00
Dear readers, Judy’s mother left a letter asking you not to allow Judy to go out of the house without

Inside Me is a Gem

USD 6.00
There are some things that are difficult for us to do, though Within each of us is a precious gem

Don’t Call Animals Out Loud

USD 10.00
The winner of The Arabic Children’s Book Publishers Forum 2022 award,  Early Childhood Books Category. One day, Sami brought a
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