9 Signs of Narcissism in Children

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Narcissism in children may be hard to detect at first, it is usually the need for attention and admiration.

It occurs across different situations and environments, making relationships more difficult and challenging.

Here are some common signs that may help you detect if one of your children is a narcissist. If they have at least five of those signs, that means they meet the diagnosis for the condition.

  • They may have difficulty making friends.

  • Believing they are better than other kids.

  • They usually put others down without any regrets.

  • Their school performance does not match their language skills.

  • Inability to take and accept responsibility.

  • Blaming their parents for their wrong decisions and failures.

  • When they don’t get enough attention, they will feel empty, bored, or depressed.

  • They become aggressive or violent whenever they are uncomfortable.

  • They expect special treatment to be given to them but not to anyone around them.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for children to need a lot of attention. If you suspect one of your children is a narcissist, take them to the doctor so you and your kids can get the help you both need.