8 Activities to Make Eid More Exciting

Z Dar Al Yasmine Publishing and Distribution

Eid is an occasion that everyone eagerly awaits, it is filled with family gatherings and delicious meals.

Whether you are young or old, this holiday is your wish coming true, because it is full of fun traditional activities, and joyful celebrations that bring loved ones together wishing each other a Happy Eid!

Here are some fun activities that may delight your children in Eid:

  • Encourage them to go to Eid prayer.

  • Enhance the concept of giving on Eid and let your children participate in giving meals or gifts to those in need.

  • Prepare home decorations with your children in order to let them feel the Eid vibes.

  • Write them a list of activities and games they can play with their friends.

  • Make some delicious sweets with them such as Eid Ma’moul.

  • Prepare confetti and greeting cards so they can give them to their friends and relatives.

  • Organize a trip or a visit to the Amusement Park.

  • Prepare questions and puzzles to make their day more enthusiastic.

Drawing a smile and joy on children’s faces is not difficult, so be sure to take your time thinking about everything you can do, whether it’s gifts, decorating, or activities after Eid prayer. The pre-preparation of these things will make the holiday a more pleasant occasion and it will turn it into an unforgettable memory.