With alyasminebooks.com now you can receive your orders on your doorstep to all cities in the HKJ and the prices are as the following:

  1. Orders to deliver: 2.5 JDs inside Amman delivery fees will be added, 4 JDs to other provinces.
  2. We use the most competitive shipping companies in the region and the world to ensure that your purchases arrive in the fastest possible way.
  3. Delivery prices include the entire value and weight of your order and not a single item you purchased.
  4. Includes all shipping and handling fees.

Delivering times: 

  1. If you made an order before 4:00 PM, you will receive your order in 24-48 working hours considering that Friday and Saturday are off days with taking into consideration the holidays announced by the Government.
  2. In some cases the delivery of some items will take more than 48 working hours depending on the availability of the item in our stock or not, in that case we will call the customer and inform him with the exact day to receive the order.
  3. If the client made an order outside the formal working hours (9:00 – 16:00) the order will be consider made in the next day.