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Laflouf the Sheep

USD 9.00
Laflouf is an inquisitive sheep who loves to search and explore. He goes out with the shepherd and the sheep

Me and Him

USD 10.00
The winner of The Arabic Children’s Book Publishers Forum Award for the best book category 2020. She wants to play;

Milk, Cream, Strawberries

USD 7.00
A sweet little girl suffering from Down’s syndrome wants to join the girls playing with rope in the street. She

My New Friends

USD 5.00
She’s a new kid at school… and also looks different from everyone else. But with her kind heart she finds

Nadeem’s Shoes

USD 5.00
Nadeem and his mother go to shop for new shoes. After attempts at finding the right pair of shoes, he

Nobody Loves Me

USD 5.00
The child in the story, like many other middle children in his shoes, feels he is uncared for by his

Nos Nseis

USD 7.00
A young boy that goes by the name of “Nos Nseis” fell into an old man’s trap, and forgot his

Omar Doesn’t Like to Write

USD 6.00
Omar does not like writing, and thinks his handwriting is unsightly. One day, he finds a magical pencil, and cannot