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Adnan and Ramadan Dish

7.00 JOD
The month of Ramadan carries the meanings of compassion, goodness and giving. Our friend Adnan decides to fast Ramadan, and


4.00 JOD
Dibs is daydreaming of visiting the sea about which she has always heard, so she taken on an adventure to

Every day’s Prize

5.00 JOD
Ameer’s ultimate dream is to win the Nobel Prize for a great and noble deed he has done. He goes


3.50 JOD
Farida is a unique chicken. She stands over the fence and shouts in her loud voice. But the hens in

Hammam’s World

3.50 JOD
Hammam likes to draw his old home, longing for his country that was destroyed because of war and preserving his

Hasan in the Hospital

3.50 JOD
Hasan has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils removed, so he describes from the little child’s point

I Found a Treasure

5.00 JOD
Zaid goes on a Sindibad adventure, on a treasure hunt, fights pirate and makes new friends. He did all that

Nos Nseis

5.00 JOD
A young boy that goes by the name of “Nos Nseis” fell into an old man’s trap, and forgot his

Omar Doesn’t Like to Write

3.50 JOD
Omar does not like writing, and thinks his handwriting is unsightly. One day, he finds a magical pencil, and cannot

On the Roof

6.00 JOD
A young boy was trying to sleep when he heard a frightening noise. His imagination runs wild as he tried

Princess Dana

5.00 JOD
Dana is a little girl with a big imagination. One time, she sees a pink camel casually walking down the

Something that is Not Normal at All

6.50 JOD
A strange phenomenon occurred in the “Karkaron” village; The young Sadoun began to grow and grow until he was as

The adventure of the three ducks

3.50 JOD
A simple story about different animals in the farm, written in simple words to better communicate with children at their

The Best Gift From my Aunt Baheyya

5.00 JOD
Jameel is not keen on visiting his older aunt, he often feels bored when he does. But then he gets

The Chicken that Doesn’t Lay Eggs

7.00 JOD
Khukha is a chicken that has not laid eggs yet. She tries to lie on the goose’s eggs, “Sitt Zubaida”.

The Scared Boy

4.00 JOD
Laith is easily startled, but he loves spooky monsters. One night he makes an unusual friendship, and with his new

The Vertical Farm

5.00 JOD
When children refused to eat their vegetables, their mother takes them to the grandmother’s house where they have fresh fruits

Tota Tota

4.00 JOD
Sara finds a thin waning tree, so she decides to take care of it. Over time she develops a special