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Letters and Words

5.00 JOD
A book that aims to introduce the alphabet to the child in a fun educational way, using interesting text and

Who Am I – Jungle Animals

5.00 JOD
An interactive pop-up book that teaches young children about different animals. There are a few clues in rhyming verses about

Where is Yasmine?

3.55 JOD
Yasmine is a sweet little child with an active imagination, and loves to play the roles of different jobs and

Yasmine’s Friend

3.00 JOD
A great story about the shy young girl named Yasmine and her best friend, the green dragon toy. One day.

Yasmine and the Monster

3.00 JOD
Yasmine draws till she’s bored with drawing and decides to become a monster using her colors! Unfortunately, no one in

I Want to Be

5.00 JOD
In this interactive book the child is introduced to several professions, in order to familiarize themselves with the concept of

Nobody Loves Me

3.00 JOD
The child in the story, like many other middle children in his shoes, feels he is uncared for by his

The Newborn

3.00 JOD
Yasmine has to welcome a new family member, but feels jealous. She acts out in a juvenile attempt of jealousy,

I Found a Watch

3.00 JOD
Suad is craving to have a watch. She is impatiently waiting to receive this gift. But wait! What is that

Hasan in the Hospital

3.50 JOD
Hasan has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils removed, so he describes from the little child’s point


4.00 JOD
Dibs is daydreaming of visiting the sea about which she has always heard, so she taken on an adventure to

Nadeem’s Shoes

3.00 JOD
Nadeem and his mother go to shop for new shoes. After attempts at finding the right pair of shoes, he