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My New Friends

USD 5.00
She’s a new kid at school… and also looks different from everyone else. But with her kind heart she finds

Nadeem’s Shoes

USD 5.00
Nadeem and his mother go to shop for new shoes. After attempts at finding the right pair of shoes, he

Nobody Loves Me

USD 5.00
The child in the story, like many other middle children in his shoes, feels he is uncared for by his

Nos Nseis

USD 7.00
A young boy that goes by the name of “Nos Nseis” fell into an old man’s trap, and forgot his

Omar Doesn’t Like to Write

USD 5.00
Omar does not like writing, and thinks his handwriting is unsightly. One day, he finds a magical pencil, and cannot

On the Roof

USD 9.00
A young boy was trying to sleep when he heard a frightening noise. His imagination runs wild as he tried

Play with Me

USD 5.00
A beautiful story about two beautiful children living in a camp and playing their way through the struggle after war.

Princess Dana

USD 7.00
Dana is a little girl with a big imagination. One time, she sees a pink camel casually walking down the

Qais is Waiting for his Mother

USD 5.00
Qais finished his day at school, and watches all his friends leave one by one, until he is left all

Something that is Not Normal at All

USD 9.00
A strange phenomenon occurred in the “Karkaron” village; The young Sadoun began to grow and grow until he was as

The adventure of the three ducks

USD 5.00
A simple story about different animals in the farm, written in simple words to better communicate with children at their

The Best Gift From my Aunt Baheyya

USD 7.00
Jameel is not keen on visiting his older aunt, he often feels bored when he does. But then he gets

The Chicken that Doesn’t Lay Eggs

USD 10.00
Khukha is a chicken that has not laid eggs yet. She tries to lie on the goose’s eggs, “Sitt Zubaida”.

The Gang

USD 6.00
Despite Ali’s constant efforts in trying to join the cool group of kids in his school, he gets rejected. He

The Girl with The Golden Coins

USD 7.00
With a big event coming up, Karma is confident about her contribution in leading her class to winning a competition

The Haunted House

USD 5.00
Mira moves with her father to the house next door to Ahmed Al-Akkad’s house. Ahmed doubts them; because he believes

The Invisibility Hat

USD 5.00
Ahmad did not imagine he will be working this summer, but to his surprise, he eventually takes a liking to

The Mysterious Crime

USD 5.00
Ahmed Al-Akkad is a bright boy of eleven years old, with a wide imagination and an adventurous spirit. One day

The Neighbors’ Secret

USD 5.00
Ahmad watched as the neighbor fidgets nervously, looking left and right, while dragging a suspiciously heavy bag, and now he

The Newborn

USD 5.00
Yasmine has to welcome a new family member, but feels jealous. She acts out in a juvenile attempt of jealousy,