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I don’t want to go swimming

USD 9.00
When teacher Noura entered the class and said, “Good morning, the girls are going to the swimming club near our

Karma Karamilla -A Thief in My School

USD 9.00
It was a normal day at school before Ragheed’s snowman’s sweater disappeared, then hand sanitizer, and other things… So, is

My New Friends

USD 5.00
She’s a new kid at school… and also looks different from everyone else. But with her kind heart she finds

Qais is Waiting for his Mother

USD 5.00
Qais finished his day at school, and watches all his friends leave one by one, until he is left all

The Girl with The Golden Coins

USD 9.00
With a big event coming up, Karma is confident about her contribution in leading her class to winning a competition

White Zift

USD 10.00
Kenan is a seventeen-year-old boy who had a wonderful friendship with his father and friend Qais. His Facebook channel “orange-red”

Who is Under the Bed?

USD 5.00
Ahmad makes a new friend, a very special friend that is literally out of this world. On a mission to