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A Very Mischievous Cat

7.00 JOD
The 2014 Children Book category winner of The Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature. One day, and old man finds

Adnan and Ramadan Dish

7.00 JOD
The winner of The Arabic Children’s Book Publishers Forum 2020 award. The month of Ramadan carries the meanings of compassion,


4.00 JOD
Dibs is daydreaming of visiting the sea about which she has always heard, so she taken on an adventure to

Every day’s Prize

5.00 JOD
“Every day’s Prize” has won the award of the Sharjah Book Authority for the best children’s book 2017. Ameer’s ultimate

Everything Will Be Alright

4.00 JOD
A fun story about a family preparing itself to have guestsover lunch. As they face a series of unfortunate events,


4.00 JOD
Farida is a unique chicken. She stands over the fence and shouts in her loud voice. But the hens in

From My Window

4.00 JOD
“From My Window” got the honor list from The UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) for the best text

Hammam’s World

4.00 JOD
Hammam likes to draw his old home, longing for his country that was destroyed because of war and preserving his

Happy Birthday Thareef

5.00 JOD
Dinosaur Thareef celebrates his birthday with his friends, and lives many happy moments with his friends. This story is directed

Hasan in the Hospital

3.50 JOD
Hasan has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils removed, so he describes from the little child’s point

I Found a Treasure

5.00 JOD
Zaid goes to his grandmother’s house that had a lot of books, he chooses a book called ” Sindibad Adventures”,

I Found a Watch

3.00 JOD
Suad is craving to have a watch. She is impatiently waiting to receive this gift. But wait! What is that

I Want to Be

5.00 JOD
In this interactive book the child is introduced to several professions, in order to familiarize themselves with the concept of

Laflouf the Sheep

6.00 JOD
Laflouf is an inquisitive sheep who loves to search and explore. He goes out with the shepherd and the sheep

Me and Him

7.00 JOD
The winner of The Arabic Children’s Book Publishers Forum Award for the best book category 2020. She wants to play;

Milk, Cream, Strawberries

5.00 JOD
A sweet little girl suffering from Down’s syndrome wants to join the girls playing with rope in the street. She

My New Friends

3.50 JOD
She’s a new kid at school… and also looks different from everyone else. But with her kind heart she finds