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Race In the Forest

8.00 JOD
How do we see things? How do we describe them? Do we see things exactly like others? As is customary

The Hanging Island

8.00 JOD
Qarya and Ghoul, live on a suspended island. Everyone has their role and mission on the island. They live in

The Secret of The Deep Sea

8.00 JOD
In a village by the sea whose people live by fishing, the fish disappear. What happened? Where did the fish

Delicious Feast

8.00 JOD
Everything in the forest goes at one pace. Until the animals of the forest decide to make a feast for

Upside Down Forest

8.00 JOD
Are there really upside down forests? Labib lives near a strange forest that is not like other forests. Labib watches

The Snail that Got Bored of its Shell

8.00 JOD
Every being has characteristics by which its Creator has favored it over other creatures. When we are ignorant of these

My Nest is Occupied

8.00 JOD
The bird lives in its nest in safety and peace.. One day, a special kind of visitor came to him!

The Quiet Girl

8.00 JOD
Maryam, a quiet girl, lives in a noisy family. They rarely pay attention to her or anything else. However, Maryam,

Is This My Home Now?

7.00 JOD
A group of frogs go through different stages in their life, thinking each stage is their home. They keep discovering

Juha and the Genie of the Teapot Faushan

11.00 JOD
The story blends places and times, with its protagonist being Juha, who lives in the present day. Throughout the events,

Federico, How Does This Sound Come Out?

5.00 JOD
A story that revolves around the sounds coming from a cat and a child.

Federico, What Is Your Name?

5.00 JOD
A simple, sweet, and funny story about the relationship between a young child andhis cat at home. The story is