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A Big Trouble

USD 7.00
Karma uses her mother’s mobile phone to take a picture of herself while playing with her cat, but she has

Adnan and Ramadan Dish

USD 10.00
The month of Ramadan carries the meanings of compassion, goodness and giving. Our friend Adnan decides to fast Ramadan, and

I don’t want to go swimming

USD 7.00
When teacher Noura entered the class and said, “Good morning, the girls are going to the swimming club near our

Karma Karamilla -A Thief in My School

USD 7.00
It was a normal day at school before Ragheed’s snowman’s sweater disappeared, then hand sanitizer, and other things… So, is

The Best Gift From my Aunt Baheyya

USD 7.00
Jameel is not keen on visiting his older aunt, he often feels bored when he does. But then he gets

The Girl with The Golden Coins

USD 7.00
With a big event coming up, Karma is confident about her contribution in leading her class to winning a competition

The Slide

USD 6.00
Antar is being selfish, he does not share the slide with his other friends. He takes over the slide thinking

Who Took My Peach Pencil

USD 7.00
On Karma’s first day of school, she loses her new peach colored pencil. She tries desperately to find the person


USD 10.00
I grabbed the gun with a shaking hand, and I asked myself; Why should I kill someone who didn’t offend