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A Big Trouble

USD 7.00
Karma uses her mother’s mobile phone to take a picture of herself while playing with her cat, but she has

I don’t want to go swimming

USD 7.00
When teacher Noura entered the class and said, “Good morning, the girls are going to the swimming club near our

Karma Karamilla -A Thief in My School

USD 7.00
It was a normal day at school before Ragheed’s snowman’s sweater disappeared, then hand sanitizer, and other things… So, is

Me and Him

USD 9.00
She wants to play; he wants to color. She asks him for the blue crayon, he doesn’t want to share.

The Girl with The Golden Coins

USD 7.00
With a big event coming up, Karma is confident about her contribution in leading her class to winning a competition

White Zift

USD 10.00
Kenan is a seventeen-year-old boy who had a wonderful friendship with his father and friend Qais. His Facebook channel “orange-red”

Who Took My Peach Pencil

USD 7.00
On Karma’s first day of school, she loses her new peach colored pencil. She tries desperately to find the person